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The Human Resource Management (HRM) toolkit is used to design formal systems for managing people in an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall under three main areas: Staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and job definition/design.

Essentially, the purpose of the HRM Toolkit is to maximize an organization’s productivity by optimizing employee efficiency. This mission is unlikely to change in any fundamental way, despite the increasing pace of change in the business world.

Business consultants note that modern human resource management is guided by several important principles. Perhaps the most important principle is the simple recognition that human resources are an organization’s most important asset; A business cannot succeed without effective management of this resource.

These toolkits provide structure, transparency, and help each of your clients get the most out of every training session with you.

Toolkits Name

Tool-HRM-01_Absentee Report Form.doc
Tool-HRM-02_Accrued Benefits Statement.doc
Tool-HRM-03_Applicant Interview Schedule.doc
Tool-HRM-04_Arrival And Departure Record.doc
Tool-HRM-06_Attendance Record.doc
Tool-HRM-07_Authorization To Travel.doc
Tool-HRM-08_Candidate Evaluation.doc
Tool-HRM-09_Check Driving Record.doc
Tool-HRM-10_Compensatory Time Request Form.doc
Tool-HRM-11_Company Policy Explanation.doc
Tool-HRM-12_Consent To Drug Test.doc
Tool-HRM-13_Daily Attendance Record.doc
Tool-HRM-14_Direct Deposit Authorization.doc
Tool-HRM-15_Disciplinary Action Form.doc
Tool-HRM-16_Education Verification.doc
Tool-HRM-17_Employee Appraisal.doc
Tool-HRM-18_Employee Benefits Sheet.doc
Tool-HRM-19_Employee Checkout.doc
Tool-HRM-20_Employee Complaint Form.doc
Tool-HRM-21_Employee Disciplinary Notice.doc
Tool-HRM-22_Employee Evaluation Form -1.doc
Tool-HRM-23_Employee Evaluation Form-2.doc
Tool-HRM-24_Employee Exit Interview.doc
Tool-HRM-25_Employee Fired For Cause.doc
Tool-HRM-26_Employee Incident Report Form.doc
Tool-HRM-27_Employee Official Warning Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-28_Employee Orientation Checklist.doc
Tool-HRM-29_Employee Patents And Inventions Agreement.doc
Tool-HRM-30_Employee Pay Rate and Title History Change.doc
Tool-HRM-31_Employee Personnel Data Change.doc
Tool-HRM-32_Employee Record.doc
Tool-HRM-33_Employee Reference Request.doc
Tool-HRM-34_Employee Referral Form.doc
Tool-HRM-35_Employee Self Evaluation.doc
Tool-HRM-36_Employee Separation Form.doc
Tool-HRM-37_Employee Separation Report.doc
Tool-HRM-38_Employee Termination Notice.doc
Tool-HRM-39_Employee Tracker.doc
Tool-HRM-40_Employee Turnover Rate.doc
Tool-HRM-41_Employee Warning Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-42_Employee Work Schedule.doc
Tool-HRM-43_Employment Confirmation Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-44_Employment Verification Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-45_First Warning Notice Employee Behavior.doc
Tool-HRM-46_Grievance Report.doc
Tool-HRM-47_Hazard Assessment.doc
Tool-HRM-48_Hourly Wage Chart.doc
Tool-HRM-49_Injury Report.doc
Tool-HRM-50_Interview Schedule.doc
Tool-HRM-51_Job Acceptance Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-52_Job Application Form.doc
Tool-HRM-53_Job Description Template.doc
Tool-HRM-54_Job Interview Schedule.doc
Tool-HRM-55_Job Offer Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-56_Key Assignment Form.doc
Tool-HRM-57_Leave Of Absence Form.doc
Tool-HRM-58_Letter Of Demotion.doc
Tool-HRM-59_New Hire Checklist.doc
Tool-HRM-60_Notice of Probation.doc
Tool-HRM-61_Organizational Chart.doc
Tool-HRM-62_Overtime Authorization Form.doc
Tool-HRM-63_Paycheck Authorization Form.doc
Tool-HRM-64_Payroll Statement.doc
Tool-HRM-65_Performance Improvement Plan.doc
Tool-HRM-66_Personnel Emergency Contact Record.doc
Tool-HRM-67_Praising Employee Input.doc
Tool-HRM-68_Promotion Request Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-69_Raise Request Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-70_Receipt for Company Property.doc
Tool-HRM-71_Report of Absence for Military Duty.doc
Tool-HRM-72_Request for Transfer.doc
Tool-HRM-73_Request To Attend Training.doc
Tool-HRM-74_Salary Review Request.doc
Tool-HRM-75_Salary Verification Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-76_Salary Verification Request Letter.doc
Tool-HRM-77_Sexual Harassment Complaint.doc
Tool-HRM-78_Shift Change Request.doc
Tool-HRM-79_Shift Trade Request.doc
Tool-HRM-80_Shift Trade Tracker.doc
Tool-HRM-81_Termination Checklist.doc
Tool-HRM-82_Vacation Request Form.doc

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