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We’re all familiar with stress – it’s a fact of life. With the fast pace of modern life, you find it increasingly difficult to keep up. Sadly, the negative effects of stress are widespread and increasing. There are many effective spot-on techniques you can use when you’re in a stressful situation.

Practice deep breathing to provide extra oxygen both physically and emotionally. Or take a break to remove yourself from the situation. If necessary, create an excuse so you can take some time for yourself. You will be able to think more clearly and capture your emotions. Then you can decide what to do to relieve the pressure.

A stress management toolkit can help you manage stress and build skills for better future stress management. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means living in the moment for yourself. A way to help identify and manage everyday stress.

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Tool-STS-01_Elicit the Relaxation Response.doc
Tool-STS-02_Slow & Deep Breathing Practice.doc
Tool-STS-03_Body Scan Exercise.doc
Tool-STS-04_Guided Imagery Practice.doc
Tool-STS-05_Breathe Deeply – Visualize A Calm Place – Relax Your Muscles.doc
Tool-STS-06_Solve Problem.doc
Tool-STS-07_Understanding stress – Character group exercise.doc
Tool-STS-08_Exploring options and action planning.doc
Tool-STS-09_Stress Management Goal.doc
Tool-STS-10_Stress Tracker.doc
Tool-STS-11_Identifying Your Stressors.doc
Tool-STS-12_Stress Symptoms Checklist.doc
Tool-STS-13_My Progress Report.doc
Tool-STS-14_Alphabet of coping skills interventions.doc

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