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The Mastertoolkits is our online marketplace for business best practices. It represents the largest library of best practice business documents available online—with over 5,000+ documents (including frameworks & methodologies, presentation templates, financial models, and more), spanning over 350+ management topics (organized into “business toolkits”). These best practice materials are authored by a network of several hundred subject matter experts, mostly seasoned executives and management consultants with 20+ years of experience.


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We currently have over 5,000+ such documents—from frameworks & methodologies to presentation templates to financial models—spanning all management topics—from Strategic Planning to Digital Transformation to Change Management. Examples of the types of documents we have include business frameworks & methodologies, presentation templates, financial models, and more. In particular, we have a wealth of business frameworks. Business frameworks are in-depth business training guides—the same used by top global consulting firms when they deploy their consulting project teams to Fortune 100 companies. Our vision is for Mastertoolkits to become a comprehensive knowledge base of premium business documents. All organizations, from startups to large enterprises across all industries, can use Mastertoolkits — Whether it’s to jumpstart projects, to find reference or comparison materials, or just to learn. If you can’t find what you need, shoot us an email (


How can our documents help your organization?

You can improve the growth and efficiency of your organization by leveraging our library of business frameworks and analysis tools. Think of Mastertoolkits as your shortcut to immediate business value. Whether it\’s pricing a new product, selecting a technology vendor, or implementing a policy change, countless organizations have gone through the same work you are about to undertake. Chances are, experts have already developed comprehensive frameworks and leading practices for this project—and you can find these materials on Mastertoolkits. Use them to circumvent countless hours of work and unnecessary headaches.


Do you have documents to sell?

Think about all the tools you have created to make your job easier. How many others would benefit from your tool? List them on Mastertoolkits. We will do the marketing, we will drive the sales. Just as the mobile apps market has helped software developers earn sustainable, passive income, we hope Mastertoolkits will do the same for business professionals, like yourself. There\’s no reason to let your idle documents collect dust when it can be making you perpetual income. Sign up today. Here is just a small handful of examples, which illustrates the types of business documents you can sell on our marketplace:

– Excel Pricing Models (for various products, services)
– Business Frameworks (e.g. growth strategy, product launch strategy, strategic sourcing, etc.)
– Functional PowerPoint Templates (e.g. Gantt charts, approach diagrams, puzzle pieces, etc.)
– Business Case Templates (for various types of capital budgeting investments)
– Valuation Models (for various industries, company types)
– Project Proposals (for various industries, project types, services)
– Business Plan Templates (for various industries, business models)
– Macro-driven Calculation Spreadsheets Process Flow Templates PowerPoint Maps (e.g. global views, countries, regions, states/districts, etc.)
– “How To” Guides (e.g. storyboarding a presentation, developing a business case, pricing a consulting project, etc.)

Note that all documents must be cleansed and clear of confidential info. You must legally be able to sell your documents.

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A certified and experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
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A globally recognized expert on Organizational Excellence.
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