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A startup is a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring that product or service to market. By its very nature, the typical startup tends to get initial funding from the founders or their friends and family.

Starting a new company is rewarding and exciting. Every new business venture comes with a host of problems and responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. So if you are an entrepreneur where should you start?

This business startup kit is essential to be able to customize according to the needs of your business focusing on the following contents: Analyzing customer opportunities, understanding market needs, business startup models, analyzing revenue, profit, and expenses.

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Tool-STP-01_Beneficiaries & Customers Analysis Worksheets.doc
Tool-STP-02_Empathy Map Worksheets.doc
Tool-STP-03_Define Beneficiaries.doc
Tool-STP-04_Identify Prioritise Top Five Actions.doc
Tool-STP-05_Business Model Canvas.doc
Tool-STP-06_Business Plan Structure.doc
Tool-STP-07_Define Business Costs.doc
Tool-STP-08_Income Profile.doc
Tool-STP-09_Defining Funding Mix.doc
Tool-STP-10_Define Funding Opportunities.doc
Tool-STP-11_Growing and Scaling.doc
Tool-STP-12_Discuss the Potential ‘Bottlenecks’.doc
Tool-STP-13_Impact Assessment.doc
Tool-STP-14_Defining Indicators.doc
Tool-STP-15_Impact Roadmap and Set Goals.doc
Tool-STP-16_Strategy to Improve Your POSITIVE.doc
Tool-STP-17_Strategy to Eliminate Your NEGATIVE.doc
Tool-STP-18_Innovation Profile.doc
Tool-STP-19_Innovation Profile – Guide.doc
Tool-STP-20_Priority Areas for Innovating.doc
Tool-STP-21_The Innovation Process – Step by Step.doc
Tool-STP-22_Connect Innovation and Action Plan.doc
Tool-STP-23_Choose a Business Name.doc
Tool-STP-24_Risk Assessment.doc
Tool-STP-25_Licenses and Tax Understanding Check.doc
Tool-STP-26_Market Research Understanding The Social Need.doc
Tool-STP-27_Understanding the Market Demand.doc
Tool-STP-28_Identifying Target Market.doc
Tool-STP-29_Develop 7 Ps of Marketing.doc
Tool-STP-30_Defining Market Proposition.doc
Tool-STP-31_Non-Monetary Resources.doc
Tool-STP-32_Stakeholder Network.doc
Tool-STP-33_Stakeholder Roles.doc
Tool-STP-34_Your Story and Dream.doc
Tool-STP-35_Business Plan Start Up Guide.doc
Tool-STP-36_Start-up Sample Business Plan.doc

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