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Any incidents which could be occur for IT systems, this key is always to create a pressure for IT manager in enterprise. To anticipate these problems, the IT manager need to put out the worst case scenario for the IT system, then determine the level of risk that affected organizations, businesses and ultimately determine the measures, scenario planning to avoid risk and disaster recovery when the incident occurred.
These tools will help the IT managers develop a risk management plan in detail for IT systems, ensure the business always have an available solutions in bad situations.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. IT Risk Management Planning
ITD_RK-01_Risk Assessment.doc
ITD_RK-02_Anticipating Vulnerability.doc
ITD_RK-03_Relative Vulnerability.doc
ITD_RK-04_Responses to Risk.doc
ITD_RK-05_Risk Mitigation Tracking.doc
ITD_RK-06_Corrective Action Plan.doc
ITD_RK-07_Indicators of Possible Risk.doc
ITD_RK-08_Responding to Risk Worksheet.doc
ITD_RK-09_Responding to Risk Worksheet Sample.doc
ITD_RK-10_Risk Management Corrective Action Plan.doc
ITD_RK-11_Risk Management Corrective Action Plan Sample.doc
ITD_RK-12_Risk Mitigation Tracking Worksheet Sample.doc
ITD_RK-13_Vulnerability to Risk Worksheet.doc
ITD_RK-14_Vulnerability to Risk Worksheet Sample.doc
ITD_RK-15.Form_IT Risk Assessment Matrix.xls
ITD_RK-16.Checklist_IT Risk Assessment Audit.xls
ITD_RK-17.Form_IT Risk Analysis.xls

Part-2. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
ITD_RK01.Template_IT Disaster Recovery Plan_1.doc
ITD_RK02.Template_IT Disaster Recovery Plan_2.doc
ITD_RK03.Template_IT Disaster Recovery Plan_3.doc
ITD_RK04.Checklist_Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery Plan.xls
ITD_RK05.Form_Preparation for Data Recovery.doc
ITD_RK05.Form_Preparation for Data Recovery.xls
ITD_RK07.Checklist_Information for Disaster Recovery.xls
ITD_RK08.Form_Business Function Recovery Completion.xls
ITD_RK09.Form_IT System Problems Record.xls
ITD_RK10.Form_IT Problem Recovery Records.xls
ITD_RK11.Form_System Downtime Monitoring.xls
ITD_RK12.Form_Disaster Recovery Event Record.xls
ITD_RK13.Form_Disaster Recovery info Contacts.xls
ITD_RK14.Checklist_The Business Continuity Management Audit.xls

Part-3. IT Risk Management Policies
ITD_RK01.Risk Assessment Policy.doc
ITD_RK02.Disaster Recovery Testing Policy.doc
ITD_RK03.Disaster Recovery Plan Review Policy.doc
ITD_RK04.Business Continuity Plan Policy.doc
ITD_RK05.Business Continuity Team Policy.doc
ITD_RK06.Crisis Communications Policy.doc

Part-4. IT Downtime Cost Analysis
ITD_RK-01.Template_Calculate Downtime Expense.xls
ITD_RK-02.Form_Cost of Downtime.xls
ITD_RK-03.Form_Unplanned Down Time of Servers.doc

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January 2, 2022

IT toolkit has REVOLUTIONIZED our IT, It forms the bedrock of our SOP toolkit, enables us to generate run books and has dramatically lowered the cost of training new IT staff, while increasing user’s satisfation.

January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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