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Disaster recovery (DR) is an organization’s ability to respond to and recover from an event that negatively affects business operations. The goal of DR methods is to enable the organization to regain use of critical systems and IT infrastructure as soon as possible after a disaster occurs.
To prepare for this, organizations often perform an in-depth analysis of their systems and create a formal document to follow in times of crisis. This document is known as a disaster recovery plan.

The Toolkits of Disaster recovery plans cover essential elements such as measures to reduce the risk of human-made disasters taking place, identifying unwanted events and creating steps for a business to continue straight after a disaster.
Having all of these set in place will minimize the cost of a disaster and ensure business continues as usual as quickly as possible.

Template Toolkits Name

Part-1. DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) Templates
ITIL-SEV01.DR Approach Document.docx
ITIL-SEV02.DR Asset Register.docx
ITIL-SEV03.DR Closure Report.docx
ITIL-SEV04.DR Communication Plan.docx
ITIL-SEV05.DR Implementation Plan – Template.xlsx
ITIL-SEV06.DR Plan Template.docx
ITIL-SEV07.Risk Assessment.xls
ITIL-SEV08.DRP Checklist.xls
ITIL-SEV09.DRP Templates.doc
ITIL-SEV10.Emergency Response Templates.xls

Part-2. BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Templates
ITIL-SEV01.BCP and DRP Documentation Checklist.xls
ITIL-SEV02.BCP and DRP Maintenance Templates.xls
ITIL-SEV03.BCP Risk Register.xls
ITIL-SEV04.BIA Checklist.xls
ITIL-SEV05.Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Summary.pdf
ITIL-SEV06.Business Continuity Plan Assessment.xls
ITIL-SEV07.Business Continuity Plan Audit Checklist.xls
ITIL-SEV08.Business Continuity Plan Backup Checklist.xls
ITIL-SEV09.Business Continuity Plan Checklist.pdf
ITIL-SEV10.Business Continuity Plan Test Report.doc
ITIL-SEV11.Business Continuity Plan Testing Report Templates.xls
ITIL-SEV12.Business Continuity Plan Training.pdf
ITIL-SEV13.Contingency Audit.xls

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January 2, 2022

Once we implemented IT Toolkit, all of that changed. Now we have an IT final plan that looks professional, is well organized and makes it easy for everyone to find the information that they need.

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