Change Request Form Template

January 13, 2022

Change Request Form Template

This change request form template provides you with a quick and easy form that enables you to track and record all proposed changes that occur during your project.

Once your project is under way you need to have a sound method of recording any requested changes to the project plan or work package. No project exists within a vacuum so during the management and monitoring phases it will be necessary to respond to the changes affecting the project.

Therefore changes are inevitable and you need to have a structured method of assessing and judging whether or not a proposed change must be incorporated into your project plans. It is essential that you carefully manage who can propose changes and that each request for a change has the appropriate level of evidence contained within it.

Experience shows that keeping a central change request register enables the project manager to control and monitor changes that rare requested by interested parties. The register is designed so that a unique ID is assigned to each requested change so they are easy to manage and provide documented evidence that can be reviewed during the project’s closing phase.

This free template has been designed to ensure that the relevant people on your project responsible for assessing change requests have all the necessary information and data required to make an informed decision. Using this type of template will ensure that only changes that have been well thought out and demonstrate a benefit or improvement to the original plan will be presented for consideration.

This template provides you with a comprehensive form that anyone authorized to request a change can submit in accordance to the change control process and have their change assessed for its merit and degree of impact on the project. You can alter or rename the items on the template so that they reflect the specific nature of your project.

The template requires that the project title and project manager are identified as well as the date the request was made. The individual requesting the change must identify themselves and their job title and supply the unique id and description their change has been registered with.

The category of each change must be shown, for example, is it a functional or testing change, as well as the purpose of the change. The change could be required to correct or prevent an action nature. The details of any change will be outlined in the change request description and reason for change sections.

The individual will then describe how the change impacts the project in each relevant area. For example, the impact may be of a technical, financial, strategic or end user nature. An essential aspect of the template and the change request process is that the requester must demonstrate that they have considered alternatives ways to attain the same outcome that their change offers and describe why these have been rejected.

Finally your change request template needs to record the decision made stating whether or not the change has been approved, rejected or deferred with a description of their justification and signatures. These completed forms then become part of your project documentation and will be reviewed along with all other documents on your projects completion.

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