Prioritizing Personal Goals Template

January 11, 2022

Prioritizing Personal Goals Template

This Prioritizing Personal Goals template allows you to define your own aspirations and helps you identify inter-dependencies between them.

Chapter 1 – Goal Setting for Managers
As well as setting goals for your team as a whole, you will usually be expected to set targets for each team member as part of their annual appraisal process. How successful you are in doing this will have a big influence on not only their productivity but also in how they perceive you as a manager

Chapter 2 – Goal Setting Theories of Locke and Latham
There are three goal setting theories that can help you to be a more effective manager. For example, if a goal is set using the SMART method it may be either too complex or too simplistic. On the other hand, when using the ‘4CF’, a goal statement may be produced that is not as clear as one produced by the SMART method.

Chapter 3 – 4CF Goal Setting for Managers
This method is based on Dr Edwin Locke and Dr Gary Latham’s goal setting theory which posits that that there are five fundamental principles to setting effective goals.

Chapter 4 – SMART Goal Setting for Managers
The SMART method of goal setting specifies that all goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Chapter 5 – Backwards Goal Setting
This method of goal setting uses the strategy of working backwards from what you want to achieve, which makes it easier to determine the individual steps that are needed.

Chapter 6 – Prioritizing Personal Goals
Prioritizing goals is just as important as setting them as it enables you to work effectively and rationally in attaining those goals that are most important and aid in you completing others.

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