Feasibility Report Template

January 17, 2022

Feasibility Report Template

This feasibility report template provides you with a basic structure to enable you to write a feasibility report outlining an opportunity you have identified as part of the organization’s development strategy.

If approval is gained for this report the next stage in the strategy development process is to produce a detailed business case. With fewer levels of management existing in modern organizations the need to be able to write a persuasive has become an essential part of any successful manager’s skill set. Management roles need to have an extensive knowledge of how its organization can meet, sometimes exceed, its customer’s expectations. This has lead to the belief that managers will put forward ideas of how to grow or expand either market share, even into new market sectors.

Managers are expected to be creative in their role and put forward ideas that challenge the accepted way of doing things. This means that they act as a key conduit between the executive and the customer-facing workforce. In this role any new ideas or proposals they have to present must be written in a clear, concise and persuasive manner.
The main way such ideas are communicated is through the presentation of the idea in the form of a feasibility report.

Feasibility Report Template
This feasibility report worksheet provides you with a template in which to base your report, ensuring that you put forward a well-researched argument as to why your idea should be awarded the desired funding. In many instances you will have identified a sponsor, usually within your executive, for your feasibility report.
This worksheet template will help you to evaluate possible alternatives and to show the methodology used in researching the potential opportunity and the expertise you have called upon to support your case. The template also ensures that it is easy to revise your feasibility report as its passes through its various iterations before finally being signed off.

An essential aspect of a feasibility report is your ability to demonstrate that key stakeholders and end users have been clearly identified. This worksheet allows you to show this in the market definition, product description and marketing strategy sections. How your present the interests of your stakeholders and the report sponsor will vary according to the specific needs of your market and organization.
The worksheet is there to guide you through the process of creating and writing your feasibility report and ensure you present your opportunity in the most effective way. For the areas of financial projections and technical solutions you may need to call upon subject experts to help present your ideas.
This template enables you to acknowledge the support of these knowledge specialists within the ‘Methodology and Framework’ section and the Expert Resources appendix. This is most frequently used in the section dedicated to financial projections. For example:
3 or 5-year financial revenue projections
Resource cost predictions
Assessment of associated risk
Required level of investment
Expected yields on investment

This section will also include a description of any assumptions or constraints that have been made at this initial stage of research. These will be refined as future versions of the feasibility report are requested as part of the decision making process and as it moves into the business case production if given executive approval.
Your feasibility report also needs to outline any operational or resource needs that you foresee being required by the organization if the potential of the opportunity is to be realized. This will describe any likely changes to procedures, processes or policies that would be needed, including an approximation of the timings such alterations would face.

The main thrust of your argument would be presented in the ‘Findings & Recommendations’ section of the worksheet. This would include your justification for why this opportunity should be accepted.

The path from feasibility report to business case
In your ‘Executive Summary’ you need to present your opportunity in the most persuasive manner supporting this argument with your research and preliminary data. This section will be critical in the decision making process and should be written with consideration and care.

You may only get this one chance to propose your idea, don’t waste it. Within this section you will provide all the necessary details displaying why your concept for the organization is both worthwhile and feasible. It provides a high-level overview of the likely growth and benefits the organization could attain, including a description of how it fits into the strategic plans of the organization.

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