Root Cause Analysis Template

January 15, 2022

Root Cause Analysis Template

This root cause analysis template provides the key stages of a root cause analysis (RCA). Once the cause of a problem has been identified you then define the necessary follow-up actions required to address it.

A crucial aspect of any project is the ability to assess, plan, manage and control all risks that face the project. The initial stages of producing this plan require you to identify the categories of risk your project faces, for example, business structure, market sector, global, information technology etc. This enables you to produce a risk breakdown structure, often referred to as a RBS.

Producing a Risk Management Plan
There are four steps in producing a risk management plan and these are:

  1. Identify the risks or events
  2. Perform qualitative & quantitative analysis for each risk
  3. Plan a response for each risk
  4. Introduce a process that monitors and controls your projects risks.

This root cause analysis template, commonly referred to as an RCA template, is designed to assist you in identifying your projects risks and potential problems and then to provide and document a way to prevent their occurrence. If a risk or problem cannot be prevented then your root cause analysis will record how to minimize the impact of such a risk to your project.

Root Cause Analysis Template
It is essential that the project title and date of the root cause analysis are recorded at the top of the form, along with a description of the ‘event’ that poises a risk or causes a problem for your project. The description needs to comprehensive so that a thorough analysis can be performed to isolate the cause of this event.

Root Cause Analysis Documentation
A critical aspect of the event is to detail the timings and sequence of events or actions that lead up to it. This will involve those who are responsible for assess each events investigating the project team as well as the methods and processes they use. On completion of the qualitative and quantitative analysis the form will document the findings and detail the recommended or suggested corrective or preventative action. The resulting root cause analysis form will then the signed and accepted by your project sponsor.

Your root cause analysis documentation will enable you and your organization to learn from such experiences and build the lessons learnt into future projects and the associated processes.

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