Significant Incident Template

January 13, 2022

Significant Incident Template

This Appraisal Form template provides you with all the sections you need to review and record an individual’s performance. You can enter the details of an individuals goals and competencies in terms of their attainment and performance assessment.

As part of the annual appraisal process you will agree with each individual which of their role’s competencies they want to focus on developing. In some instance this may be completely new knowledge or skill. Throughout the year you need to be monitoring and recording how that individual is progressing.

The most effective and practical way to measure competencies is in terms of the behaviors that define a specific competency. Behaviors are made up of three aspects; a person’s Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes, their K.S.A.’s. These aspects break down the measurement of behaviors into practical chunks, firstly, you can observe in the behaviors they display on the job. Secondly, you need to monitor and record incidents that have a significant impact on the team’s performance.

These ‘Significant Incidents’ will occur throughout the appraisal period and you need to be able to capture the details of the incident and show how the behaviors exhibited by the individual deviated from what is expected of someone in that role. Without a formal method of recoding such details as they occur you will not be able to give the individual the recognition and praise for excelling. Nor will you be able to provide constructive feedback and mentor that person so they improve.

Our Significant Incident template enables you to monitor and record these specific events in sufficient detail to enable you to have evidence based data to discuss with the individual in your regular reviews or the appraisal.

Record an accurate description of what occurred in each incident.
List the level of the role’s required competencies.
Assess whether the difference in the level of competency displayed was significantly different to require your attention. This can be either positive or negative in its nature.
Define the level of impact the incident had on your team’s performance.

By incorporating such a practical way to record such events or incidents into your regular management activities you will be able to easily measure competency development against role requirements within in your team. This will enable you to identify those team members who may be lagging behind and coach them to improve their competency, so that they are performing at a level closer to that of the role’s.

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