Activity Attribute Template

January 13, 2022

Activity Attribute Template

This activity attribute template enables you to document all the attributes associated with each project activity as an aid to your planning and scheduling.

An important part of any project planning is the allocation of a ‘timing’ factor to each activity involved with the project. Our free template enables you to document all the attributes associated with each project activity. This document will then be of great assistance to you as project manager in your planning and scheduling.

From this information you will have a clear understanding of the work requirements and inter-relationships associated with each project activity and its impact on the project as a whole. It forms a significant part of the project management planning process and in particular the creation of your scheduling and identifying its critical path.

It is important to record the title of your project, along with your own name as project manager and the date this document was created. You have to allocate a unique classification number or acronym to each activity you identify including a description of what that activity entails. Then you must relate this activity to a specific work breakdown structure number. This will include who is responsible for that WBS number and at which of the project locations it will be performed at.

Then the required skills set are listed along with the type and number of resources required to perform the activity. This section of the template will also itemize any assumptions and constraints that are related to the specific activity.

Finally your activity attribute document must record the key characteristics of that particular activity. This includes which other activities must happen before or after this one. It also states any relationships that are detailed in the scheduling, this includes the nature of dependency it has on other activities, such as lead or lag time. The last characteristic to be defined it that of ‘effort’ associated with the activity’s work e.g. fixed, specified duration, allotted or other.

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