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Active listening is a technique used in counseling, training, and resolution of disputes or conflicts. It requires the listener to fully concentrate, understand, respond, and then remember what is being said. This is in contrast to other listening techniques such as reflexive listening and empathic listening.

Reflective listening is where the listener repeats back to the speaker what they have just heard to confirm understanding on both sides. Empathic listening is about helping people get an outlet for their feelings before they can be more open-minded, share experiences, and be able to accept new perspectives on the problematic topic of distress. about emotions. Listening skills can establish the flow of information rather than closed-mindedness, negative emotions including stress, anger, and frustration.

This toolkit aids in communication by listening attentively, asking questions and giving feedback: Their own views, judgments, evaluations, solutions using simple principles is active listening.

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Tool-AL-01_Assessment Active Listening.doc
Tool-AL-02_Checklist Type of Listener.doc
Tool-AL-03_Score Listening Skills.doc
Tool-AL-04_Game Listening Test.doc
Tool-AL-05_Case Study Active Listening.doc
Tool-AL-06_Procedure Active Listening.doc
Tool-AL-07_Guide Active Listening and Effective Questioning.doc
Tool-AL-08_Checklist Questioning Techniques.doc
Tool-AL-09_Worksheet Feeling Words.doc
Tool-AL-10_Checklist Active Listening Temperament.doc
Tool-AL-11_Checklist Active Listening Conducive Climate.doc
Tool-AL-12_Guide Core Principles of Active Listening.doc
Tool-AL-13_Checklist Positive Interest.doc
Tool-AL-14_Checklist Active Listenning Empathizing.doc
Tool-AL-15_Checklist Active Listening Paying Attention.doc
Tool-AL-16_Checklist Reading The Speaker.doc
Tool-Al-17_Checklist Understanding Response Message.doc
Tool-AL-18_Score Listening Effectiveness.doc
Tool-AL-19_Plan Personal Action to Improve Listenning.doc
Tool-AL-20_Active Listening Rubric.doc
Tool-AL-21_Active Listening Techniques.doc
Tool-AL-22_Active Listening Worksheet – Listen for the speakers emotions.doc
Tool-AL-23_Cheat Sheet for “Feeling” Words.doc

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