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Talking professionally on the phone is an essential skill. A phone call can be one of your first contacts with a potential employer when you apply for a job. And for most professions, handling phone calls is part of the job.

For newcomers, handling phone calls can be difficult. You may worry about having the right words to say or whether your accent will be hindered when understood. Listening can also be a problem. Many people worry that callers will speak too quickly or use words they are unfamiliar with. The important thing is to be prepared. Here are some simple toolkits to guide you and help you start speaking like a pro on the phone

The Phone Calling Toolkits is judged on strong communication skills. Positive tone; Answer work calls; On hold caller; Preparation & research; Control the conversation; Let them be satisfied; Mastering body language; Adjust your voice; Provide top quality; Handling tough questions; Provide ongoing feedback.

Template Toolkits Name

Tool-TEL-01_Telephone Skills Case Study Irate Customer -1.doc
Tool-TEL-01_Telephone Skills Case Study Irate Customer -2.doc
Tool-TEL-03_Telephone Skills Factors of Voice.doc
Tool-TEL-04_Telephone Skills Fun Letters.doc
Tool-TEL-05_Telephone Skills Good and Poor Communicator.doc
Tool-TEL-06_Telephone Skills Message Taking.doc
Tool-TEL-07_Telephone Skills Positive Words and Phrases.doc
Tool-TEL-08_Telephone Skills Role Play Brief.doc
Tool-TEL-09_Telephone Skills Role Plays Scenarios.doc
Tool-TEL-10_Telephone Skills Active Listening.doc
Tool-TEL-11_Twenty Golden Telephone Rules.doc
Tool-TEL-12_Asking The Right Questions.doc
Tool-TEL-13_Telephone Skills Learning Planning Guide.doc
Tool-TEL-14_Telephone Skills Assessment -1.doc
Tool-TEL-15_Telephone Skills Assessment -2.doc
Tool-TEL-16_Pronunciation Words Checking.doc
Tool-TEL-17_Pronunciation Dialog Checking.doc
Tool-TEL-18_Tips and Tricks For Telephone Etiquette.doc
Tool-TEL-19_Form_Telephone Message.doc
Tool-TEL-20_Telephone Courtesies Checklist.doc
Tool-TEL-21_Telephone Etiquette Survey.doc

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